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What if you could gather enough information about anonymous visitors to make it actionable and worthwhile for Sales?

Most B2B companies today only track known contacts and leads in their marketing automation and CRM platforms. However, did you know that for every known contact or lead there are up to 5x more additional users from your target accounts that may engage with your brand, but choose to remain anonymous?   You may have a lot of hidden treasure right at your fingertips, if only you know where to dig -- and have the right tools.


Tired of not being able to give better answers to Sales?

B2B marketing leaders tell us every week that they would love to answer three key questions that they hear over and over from Sales:

1. Who’s visiting (and engaging with) our website?
2. Which accounts?
3. What are they doing?

Visiting and engaging here, for display & retargeting programs, refer to ad clicks and website visits from your target accounts. What sales wants to know is the specific messages in the ad that got people at these accounts interested, the specific pages they visited on the website, and if not their individual contact information, then at least the account (or company) they belong to, along with their job profile and geo location.

Wouldn’t you love to fully answer these three key questions for Sales?

Now you can with Kwanzoo and our Account Insights Reports (AIRs). Your CRM system today captures and presents account-level information on known contacts and leads that are engaging with your brand. Let Kwanzoo complete the puzzle by providing valuable insights on your anonymous visitors.

Account Level Reporting in Your CRM Today

Our Account Insights Reports add detail on the anonymous visitors from target accounts that are of interest to Sales for purposes of prioritizing and reaching out to target accounts.