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Kwanzoo for B2B Agencies & SI Consulting Firms

As a B2B agency or SI consulting firm, your clients today demand greater transparency, improved performance and high ROI from every digital transformation, customer experience, marketing program implementation or paid media advertising campaign. As marketing technologies proliferate, you need a trusted ABM display technology partner with deep domain expertise, a well thought-out partnering model, and large enterprise or brand experience, helping clients just like yours achieve their strategic and tactical goals. In the following collection of ebooks, webinars and videocasts, see how you can generate more revenue opportunities while delivering greater value to B2B enterprises, across ABM display advertising, B2B retargeting, ABM analytics, and display personalization initiatives.

ABM POV Videocast Episode 6: What is ABM's impact on traditional B2B agencies?

See how ABM has affected traditional B2B agencies, and insights on how agencies can painlessly make the transition from traditional demand generation to ABM.


Blog: ABM Display Advertising: Untapped Revenue Opportunities for B2B Agencies (Part 1)

See an explanation of six trends occurring now in ABM display that validate why every B2B agency should be offering ABM display advertising services to their clients.


Blog: ABM Display Advertising: Huge Revenue Opportunities for B2B Agencies (Part 2)

An overview of six new skills that you should consider as you plan to embrace ABM display advertising to help your clients.


Kwanzoo helps SI consulting firms leverage ABM paid media across a variety of channels, expand the scope of their digital transformation, customer experience, channel marketing and ABM initiatives at large enterprise brands, to generate significantly more revenue.

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