Kwanzoo Buyer Insights

Kwanzoo Buyer Insights are your bridge from traditional "Lead-Based" Demand Generation to Account-Based Marketing (ABM). B2B companies today need to reach and engage buying teams that can range from seven to 17 people. Over 95% of visitors to a B2B company’s website never fill out lead-forms. B2B sales teams as a result must look beyond inbound leads, for insights on their buyers across the buying team.

Kwanzoo Buyer Insights give you and your sales team actionable insights on entire buying groups at your target accounts. These insights on engaged buyers, which can number as much as 10X to 30X the number of leads or form-fills alone, enable your SDR/BDR and channel partner teams to accelerate the pipeline and win more deals. Kwanzoo delivers these buyer insights as Excel Reports, directly in your CRM, and in the Kwanzoo UI.


With Kwanzoo Buyer Insights:

1. Learn about total accounts engaged, the number of buyers engaged within the account, and the average buying group size all across your accounts.
2. Get a breakdown of the Job Levels and Job Functions of buyers across all your accounts (Buyer Persona Mix)
3. Track the visitor journey for each buyer that engages with your ads, or visits your website.
4. Learn which Ad Creative they clicked on, website pages they visited, time and date of their actions, and geo location information of the Buyers.


Capture All Data in your CRM for SDRs/BDRs

1. Capture buyer and buying group engagement data directly into Salesforce Provide SDR/BDR and Channel partners with critical insights on the breadth and depth of engagement at each target account in your CRM.
2. Get a breakdown of the Job Levels and Job Functions of buyers for accounts with multiple engaged buyers.

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