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Kwanzoo delivers an All-in-One retargeting and account-based marketing platform for B2B and considered purchase B2C marketers. Our unique rich media technology integrates with marketing automation, CRM, data management platforms, as well as a broad range of real-time bidding (RTB) platforms, data providers, advertising networks, and exchanges. Marketers use Kwanzoo to replace multiple point ad-tech tools and to deploy and manage a broad range of targeted, display-based marketing programs, tactics and processes.

Our Approach

As fellow marketers, we understand your challenges as you bring new technology into an ever-growing tech stack. Our approach is quite simple:

  • All-in-One: Enough with point tools. Integrate key marketing & sales (MarTech) and advertising (AdTech) systems. Run targeted display programs all in one place.
  • You’re In Charge: Our self-service DIY tools make it easy to build rich media ads and provide access to unified dashboards with full-cycle reporting. Need our help? We’re here.
  • Open Data:We do not sell our own data. We constantly bring on the best 3rd party data available and your on-boarded 1st party data is yours and yours alone. Act on it 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Open Media:We do not sell our own media. We want you to get the best value from your media budget so we work diligently with our strategic partners to provide you the best media possible without the markup you’ll experience elsewhere.
  • Our Promise: 100% transparency. We provide 100% visibility into every dollar spent. Use us directly or through your agency.
  • Get It Done: We cut through all the jargon, give you best practices and standardized processes, so you can simply get stuff done. Helping you to focus on the one thing you truly want to do: Accelerate Your Pipeline.

In the News

  • Mani Iyer: Why Lead Quality is More Important than Quantity by The Marketing Scope - Published: April 2016
  • Time to Stop Worshiping The ‘Click’ and Start Emphasizing True Customer Engagement by Phil Fernandez - Published: October 2015
  • Why Now Is the Time for Advertising and Marketing Technologies to Converge by Kevin Akeroyd - Published: September 2015
  • Kwanzoo is going wider than ABM, focus on engagement by Mark Ogne - Published: September, 2015



    • Key integrations & partnerships: Engagio, IP and Firmographic Data Providers
    • Product expansion:
      1. ABM Accounts Support
      2. Contact Lists Support


    • Key integrations & partnerships: Oracle|BlueKai, Dun & Bradstreet
    • Product expansion:
      1. Account-based Marketing (ABM) with IP-Targeting
      2. Account-based Marketing (ABM) with Job Title Targeting
      3. Managed Program Dashboard for Agencies
      4. Unified Program Dashboards (Retargeting, ABM, Personalized Display)


    • Key integrations & partnerships: Acxiom|Liveramp, NetProspex, ZoomInfo, Neustar
    • Product expansion:
      1. Digital Body Language capture into Eloqua
      2. Site and Email Retargeting for B2B
      3. Personalized Display for B2B
      4. Campaign Budgeting, Lead Staging
      5. Ad Certifications - DSPs, RTBs, Google Display Network
      6. In-Banner Form Ads, Video Lead Form Ads
    • Launched targeted display platform for B2B

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