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As someone familiar with ABM, you are ready to get started on an Account-Based paid media program. Perhaps you need to finalize your ABM budget or maybe you need to start building account lists. These resources will help you get started.

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How to Set Up for ABM Pilot Success

This video covers best practices and tips for setting up your first ABM display program for success. It explains ABM display strategies that vary based on scale, the geolocation of your accounts, and size of target account lists and annual contract values (ACVs).

ABM POV Episode 5: Breaking Down ABM Display Program Budgets

See how to plan your exact ABM Display program budget using a budget modeler. Get an exact budget for your programs including a breakdown of media & targeting data costs, ABM display provider tech fees, and more.

Kwanzoo’s Account Coverage Report (video)

This video explains the format of account and prospect information that customers can upload into Kwanzoo’s platform. Kwanzoo then provides back the list of accounts that are reachable for ABM IP or cookie targeting, along with details on audience segments and cookie pool sizes.

ABM POV Episode 9: The Simple Math for ABM Pilot Success

Get the answers to a range of questions related to setting up an ABM Display pilot, including -- What expectations should you and the Kwanzoo team have for a 90-day pilot program? How many accounts should you submit for matching for cookie or IP-based reach and coverage? How many ads served can you expect? And more.

Account-Based Marketing with Kwanzoo

A 5-minute video highlighting Kwanzoo's ABM display program options, which are designed to maximize account reach, engagement and sales & revenue impact for mid-to-large global enterprises.

How to Craft an Account-Based Paid Media Budget

An overview of how to switch from traditional paid media programs to an Account Based (ABM) approach. We explain how you can efficiently reallocate your current budget to include Account Based Display and Paid Media strategies to maximize engagement and sales opportunities.

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The Adaptive ABM Handbook

By Events

Are you planning B2B account-based marketing programs for 2019? The market has changed! In this comprehensive, 50-page Ebook understand the what and why of ABM,…

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