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Webinars and Videos

Account-Based Marketing with Kwanzoo [Video]

A 5-minute video introduction to Kwanzoo's account-based marketing (ABM) display solutions, including cookie- and IP-based ABM, ABM Social, and ABM PPT (past purchase targeting).

Kwanzoo’s Account Coverage Report [Video]

See how to plan your account-based marketing display campaigns and determine your account reach before your start with a free, no-obligation Account Coverage Report.

The Business Case for ABM Part 1: Planning and Budgeting

Key insights on ABM essentials, budgeting recommendations, and real world ROI models, featuring Markistry EVP Kelly Waffle and Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer.

Account Based Marketing Done Right: A Virtual CEO Panel

Top ABM CEOs from 6Sense, Bizible, Triblio, ZenIQ and Kwanzoo discuss ABM solutions, building an ABM tech stack, and ABM success measurement.

From Leads to Accounts: The ABM Story with Jon Miller

Join Kwanzoo CEO, Mani Iyer in conversation with Marketo Co-Founder and Engagio CEO, Jon Miller as they discuss the ABM market map, the 6-Step ABM process, and much more.

ABM at Scale with OMC|Eloqua and BlueKai

Best practices for launching integrated ABM programs across OMC | BlueKai, Eloqua, and Kwanzoo with cookie-based and job-title targeting.

Account-Based Marketing 101: Reach Beyond Your Website

The basics, best practices, budgeting, and launching account-based (ABM) advertising campaigns.
account based ads 101

Email Retargeting 201: Best Practices for Program Success

Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer discusses best practices for successful email retargeting, including email list segmentation, creative planning, and account-based email retargeting.
email retargeting 201

Maximize Conversions with Persona-Based Retargeting

Increase lead conversions using persona-based ads with site and email retargeting.

Email Retargeting 101: Nurture Beyond Your Inbox

The basics, best practices, and recent 2015 case studies on email retargeting campaigns.
Email Retargeting 101