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Whether you are leveraging email campaigns, SDR phone calls, trade show exhibition, ABM advertising, or other channels as part of your ABM program, your efforts will should drive your audience to your website or microsite. Your website or microsite provides the content that feeds your audience’s interest and helps drive engagement to move them closer to being a sales opportunity.

The website or microsite can provide ABM marketers with a wealth of information and insights. Unfortunately, most traditional marketers often overlook (or do not have access to) robust account-level website analytics. They, instead, solely rely on web form fills to gauge engagement and success.

However, with ABM, web form fills alone are not a good indicator of program performance. That is because ABM is not about generating leads--it is about generating account engagement and sales opportunities. By leveraging ABM advertising, are you getting click throughs on your sales emails? Are more target accounts returning your phone calls.

Kwanzoo has built an ABM experience platform that takes into consideration critical account-level information and insights that marketers can glean from a website or microsite.


With Kwanzoo’s website experience solution, marketers can, on their websites or microsites:

  • Track accounts and visitors from target accounts
  • Identify potential accounts that are not yet targeted with ABM ads for upcoming programs. Marketers can get information on ALL visitors independent of traffic source
  • See visitor journeys and provide insights on visitors’ account-level associations
  • Provide insights on engaged accounts and buying team activity to management and sales
With the website experience solution, marketers are in a better position to assess and optimize their programs, to report on program performance, to shift or ask for more budget, and to have more meaningful conversations with sales and management.