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Account-Based (ABM) Advertising for B2B Enterprises

B2B Retargeting

Go beyond the inbox. Increase engagement from 2X/month to 30X/month using display ads.

ABM with Global IP Targeting

Reach and engage users at your global list of target accounts, using IP data.

Personalized Display

Boost engagement by 3X or more from known contacts and target accounts.

ABM with Job Title Targeting

Reach and engage users at your target accounts, based on job title, job function and more.


Go Beyond Leads with
our Buyer Insights


Plan and Run Global ABM Display Programs. All in One Place.

Running global ABM display programs at scale requires skills, expertise, and effort that is disruptive and beyond the reach of most B2B companies. From getting off the launchpad, to achieving global reach and coverage and continuous improvement, Kwanzoo is your trusted partner for ABM success.

From Clicks to
Insights for Sales

Vindicia (now part of AmDocs) offers cloud-based subscription billing and recurring revenue solutions. Their SaaS solutions increase recurring revenue, reduce customer churn, and optimize online marketing, processing over $21 billion globally for their clients and providing them with more than $90 million in annual incremental revenue.

Vindicia used IP-based account-based marketing to increase engagement from a list of 1200+ target accounts across five regions globally. Vindicia’s team were able to use Kwanzoo’s real-time ABM data to prioritize 50 key accounts from each region as primary targets for their SDRs.

ABM with Job Title Targeting

Boost awareness amongst key buyers and influencers at target accounts, by serving display ads to online cookies that match your buyer profile(s), based on their job function, level, title and interests.

ABM with Global IP Targeting

Reach your prospects at target accounts, by serving display ads matched to the business IP addresses relevant to each account and its geolocation. Recommended for international targets (EMEA, APAC, LATAM, ANZ).

B2B Retargeting

Increase nurture touches from 2X/month via email to 30X/month via email retargeted display ads, and convert the 95% of site visitors who leave without filling out a form with site retargeting.


Boost engagement by up to 3X and grow website visits from target accounts by serving offers tailored to the account, industry, stage in the pipeline. Deliver more marketing-qualified accounts (MQAs) and accelerate the pipeline.