Over the past few years, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has emerged as a critical go-to-market strategy for B2B companies selling complex products and solutions. With ABM, many companies are seeing stronger marketing and sales alignment, higher marketing spend efficiency, and better overall ROI in terms of new sales opportunities, pipeline and deals.

ABM vs Demand Generation: The B2B Marketer Dilemma

Even as ABM continues to grow, many mid-to-large B2B companies are running ABM programs alongside traditional demand generation programs, which track a different set of metrics (e.g. MQLs). Today, a large number of ABM technology providers offer “All-in-One” ABM platforms. Many marketers find these platforms are either overkill, overpriced, or a “mile wide and inch deep” in critical functional areas. These new platforms often force a “rip-and-replace” of existing marketing, sales and advertising tech infrastructure, resulting in significant new costs.

ConnectTheDots (2)

Kwanzoo’s Adaptive ABM: Connecting the Dots

Kwanzoo’s new Adaptive ABM platform enables B2B marketers to:

  • Adapt their current marketing & sales process, data and programs to ABM.
  • Protect their existing technology investment.
  • Add best-in-class ABM capabilities
  • Achieve global account scale and reach.

Adaptive ABM Recognizes That It’s Always a Blend of the
Old and the New

Large, global, B2B enterprises simply cannot change their current marketing & sales process wholesale overnight. Any new program or process (e.g. ABM) must fit into an existing process that’s in active use by 10s to 100s of marketing and sales team members. Measurement and metrics must work across the old and new (adapted) process for an extended period of time.


Adaptive ABM Brings in the Best in
Third-Party Data

It starts by taking stock of what data is already available and usable -- then identifying critical third-party data assets that can help drive deeper engagement at the buying groups at target companies (accounts). With access to billions of data points from leading providers (Oracle|BlueKai, Bombora, D&B, Kickfire, others) we make it easy to rapidly deploy the exact right third-party data assets to drive more pipeline.

Adaptive ABM Fills the Gaps -- Does Not Rip-and-Replace

Our entire approach is about recognizing a customer’s existing platforms and tools, seamlessly connecting to those tools, and delivering “additive” ABM capabilities. From marketing automation (MAPs), to customer relationship management (CRM), data management (DMPs), customer data (CDPs), demand side platforms (DSPs), website analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) and more, we plug into all major complementary platforms and tools to deliver our own “best-in-class” core capabilities.

Adaptive ABM Grows and Scales with Your Organization and Needs

Are you part of a mid-market company targeting audiences in North America only? Or are you in a large enterprise with markets and sales teams across global regions? We believe the ABM you get from us should be exactly the ABM that you need, to deliver the best possible value and results.

We hope we have given you a few good reasons to come talk with us, and learn more about Kwanzoo’s Adaptive ABM platform and solutions, and why we think we can offer you a more compelling option than today’s All-in-One ABM alternatives in the market.

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