As a modern B2B marketer, you’ve been running many marketing programs and measuring success across those programs. For traditional demand gen, that measurement has centered around MQLs (marketing qualified leads). However, with ABM there’s a whole new set of metrics. How can you effectively transition from measuring traditional demand gen success, to measuring success in a way that is specific to your ABM efforts? Below are some of the questions you should be asking, in order to promote brand awareness, demand generation, and sales efficiency, to successfully measure results from your ABM programs. Adaptive ABM can connect the dots with your process, technology, data, and programs and help you answer these types of questions.

Brand Teams

Get questions like “How can we make our global account reach and brand awareness stronger?” finally answered by reaching senior buyers (VP, CXO) at your full list of North American target accounts. Also, reach a larger list of global companies for wider account penetration, in order to increase worldwide brand awareness at your target accounts via online display ads, website experience and more.

Demand Teams

“How deep can we get account-level engagement across buying groups globally?” Find out by engaging entire buying groups (Director +) at your select list of key target accounts to influence and increase demand. Reach into accounts more deeply by engaging everyone responsible for making buying decisions at your target companies. Measure success with detailed engagement metrics, segment accounts lists and set budgets by region for global programs, and more.

Sales Teams

Sales teams start every day by asking “which accounts should be prioritized for our conversations?” Now marketing can help you answer that question by arming you with more insights on engaged buyers. Receive sales insight reports divided by geographic region so that data can go directly to the appropriate territory owner. Get detailed information about online ad engagements and website activity from key buyers at your target accounts, including information on who is engaging with your ads, their company, job level and function, and how they interacted with your ads.

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