Drift coined the term Conversation marketing and is a leading conversational marketing platform.

Conversational marketing helps in moving prospects faster through the sales & marketing funnel by real-time conversions.

Drift - Conversational Marketing


Kwanzoo’s adaptive account-based marketing (ABM) platform enables running ABM advertising and retargeting programs to a list of global target accounts.

With Drift Conversational Marketing, we have extended our account-level engagement tracking to now include live chat interactions on the Customer’s website. The specific integration covers tracking engagement and live chat messages that are managed across Kwanzoo, and the Drift conversational marketing platform

Boost Top-of-Funnel Leads with In-banner Form Ads

Capture prospect data directly inside your display ads, and drop into Salesforce CRM. Stage, enrich, and verify leads in the Kwanzoo platform. Easily post data into Salesforce to eliminate test and junk leads.

Capture Account Level Insights from Clicks

Track engagement with your ads. Go beyond ad clicks, and record engagement and activity data by users at target accounts directly into your Salesforce CRM

Personalize Ads
Anon Visitors

Personalize ads to anonymous visitors based on IP (and account attributes derived from IP - domain, industry, revenue, employee size and more) and 3rd party data, for more targeted messaging and higher conversion rates.

Conversion Suppression with Retargeting

Suppress contacts post conversion from your retargeting programs to optimize media costs, and focus strictly on net new prospecting.

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