Close the Revenue Gap from ZeroTouch to Lead

Most marketers have overlooked the stage at the top of the funnel where you can influence and engage buyers at your target accounts before they turn into leads. We call this stage “ZeroTouch-to-Lead.”

With Kwanzoo’s Adaptive ABM platform, you can identify buyers in the ZeroTouch to Lead stage of your demand funnel, and adapt your current process, data, technology and programs to ABM to deliver superior engagement and ROI. Leverage your current investment of time, money, and resources. Compare this to all-in-one ABM platforms, that may simply be overkill (providing solutions that are redundant with your current tech stack), overpriced, or lacking in critical buyer engagement capabilities.

Optimize Programs with the Best in Third-Party Data

Optimize Programs with the Best in
Third-Party Data

Take stock of what data is already available and usable in your system, and identify critical third-party data assets that can help drive deeper engagement at the buying groups at target companies (accounts). With access to billions of data points from leading providers (Oracle|BlueKai, Bombora, D&B, Kickfire, others) we make it easy to rapidly deploy the exact right third-party data assets to drive more pipeline.

Answer Key ABM Questions across Marketing & Sales

What if you could get better insights into key ABM questions across Marketing and Sales? “How strong is our global account reach and brand awareness?” “How deep is our account level engagement across buying groups globally?” “Which accounts should be prioritized for sales conversations?” With Kwanzoo, receive ABM engagement reports delivered straight to your marketing and sales teams, that let you know which accounts are engaging with your ads or website and when the engagements occur.


Deliver Key Insights to Sales Teams

Get sales insights delivered to your sales teams, with insights on engaged buyers from your list of target accounts, in Kwanzoo’s sales insights reports. With our pre-built integrations and APIs, you can aggregate this data from multiple sources including your own marketing and sales systems, ABM technology providers and third-party providers to create actionable and meaningful insights for sales. Display and view data holistically across all data types, in real-time reports on the platform. Additionally, schedule reports for periodic delivery to your sales, marketing and agency teams.

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