The Old Way versus The Right Way

Traditional demand generation is focused on acquiring leads. Lead generation relies on emails, cold calls, and live events. The issue with this approach is that it is intrusive and forced. You may push away potential leads because you appear to be trying too hard to sell something. If you do manage to acquire a lead, chances are that they are only one of seven or more members of the buying group - the group of people at an account that determine which deals are signed.

Today, account-based marketing is the right way to approach demand generation. With ABM, you can serve ads to the entire buying group and maximize engagement with decision makers. You can personalize your ad message based on who is receiving it, building a stronger awareness for your brand. ABM ad messaging allows you to educate your buyers in a non-intrusive way. With ABM reporting, you can arm your sales teams with the data they need to prioritize outreach and drive pipeline.

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