Retargeting's Best of the Best: The Year’s Top Posts

By Kwanzoo, Kwanzoo Resources

Retargeting continues to be an important strategy for boosting demand and accelerating the pipeline and sales for both B2B and “Considered Purchase” B2C marketers. As the year draws to a close, we thought it would be useful to put together the “Best Of” posts and webinars from around the web on Retargeting.

Just Getting Started

Are you new to retargeting? Start with these, so you get the basics down before you launch your first campaign:

A Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting Campaigns (Hubspot)
A simple, easy-to-understand overview of site retargeting: what it is, how it works, and how to define goals for your campaigns in terms of conversions or brand awareness.
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Retargeting for Beginners (ReTargeter)
A brief overview of different types of retargeting, how they help, and full-service vs. self-service retargeting.
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[Webinar] Intro to Retargeting (Adroll)
Fundamentals in building a retargeting program, and a tour of the Adroll retargeting dashboard.
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[Webinar] Email Retargeting from A to Z (Kwanzoo)
An overview of the basics of email retargeting, including offline vs. online email retargeting, budgeting, and planning your email retargeting campaign
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Best Practices

So you have launched your first retargeting campaign. You are now ready for tips to make it work even better. Check out these posts:

8 Best Practices for Running a Retargeting Campaign (ReTargeter)
A useful guide; this is for people who are running retargeting campaigns but want to know how to optimize in terms of view through reporting, geo restrictions, and more. 8 tips for settings you will want to put in place to get the most out of your retargeting campaign.
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Retargeting is Hot But Budgets are Low: A Guide to Best Use Cases for Advertisers (Venturebeat)
Some tips on making the most of retargeting campaigns when you have a low budget. This article is a bit more applicable to B2C, but we decided to include it here as they had some really interesting strategies for using search histories to improve your campaigns.
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B2B Retargeting Best Practices: Accelerating Your Sales Funnel (Adroll)
Covers the nuances of retargeting specific to B2B campaigns, which have a longer sales cycle and multiple decision makes involved in the conversion process.
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6 Ways to Boost Top of Funnel Demand Using Display (Kwanzoo)
This post explains how Site and Email Retargeting are two key ways to boost demand.
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Best Practices and Tools for Retargeting Campaigns in the B2B Space ( Business2Community)
Custom segmentation, conversion tracking, lead nurture through retargeting and more.
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[Webinar] SEO and Retargeting for the Data Driven Marketer (Retargeter)
A webinar focusing on a data-driven approach to retargeting campaigns as well as some SEO strategies.
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[Webinar} B2B SEM and Retargeting Tips (Pardot)
Also looks at tips for SEM, but this webinar includes some useful tips for getting quick wins off of your retargeting campaigns.
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Making Your Business Case

Want to make the business case to your management? Looking for ways to explain to them that retargeting works, and that it is worth the money you want to spend? These posts all have ideas and tools for you:

The Simple Math of Site & Email Retargeting (Kwanzoo)
A case for the importance of site and email retargeting campaigns in your demand gen lineup, along with some simple math-driven case studies on the ROI from retargeting campaigns.
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How Personalized Retargeting Can Optimize Your B2B Ads (Marketo)
Personalized retargeting campaigns based on prospect data for B2B
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3 Ways Retargeting Personalizes the Nurture Experience (DemandGen Report)
An overview of 3 ways to use retargeting to enhance your existing nurture campaigns.
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A Powerful Cocktail: Mixing Retargeting With Content Marketing (ClickZ)
This article makes a case for mixing retargeting with your current content marketing strategies to enhance your existing campaigns.
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State of the Industry: The past, present and future of retargeting according to 1,000 marketers (Adroll)
An interesting thought piece by Adroll on the evolution of retargeting strategies, with data collected from 1000 marketers.
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Advanced Topics

[Webinar] Retargeting with Eloqua: From the Basics to Personalized Campaigns (Kwanzoo)
An advanced guide to setting up retargeting campaigns directly integrated with Eloqua. See how to use your Eloqua data to personalize ads, capture engagement data of known users inside Eloqua, and funnel leads and tracking data from your retargeting campaigns directly into your Eloqua database.
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Predictive Retargeting (Kwanzoo)
See how to set up retargeting campaigns that predictively model your target accouints, key contacts and more based on your conversions from past campaigns. A new, cutting-edge tactic most useful for large(r) companies with sales deal conversion history in their CRM.
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Retargeting with Known Eloqua Contact Suppression (One Sheeter from Kwanzoo)
See how to suppress known Eloqua contacts from your net new prospecting campaigns to save media budget and exclusively target net new prospects.
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Best Practices for B2B Lead Gen Using Account Based Marketing (Leadscon – Kwanzoo)
Best practices for retargeting and display campaigns for increased awareness, more leads and engagement with a target list of accounts. Includes several different strategies for account-based marketing (ABM), including applying email retargeting for ABM ad campaigns.
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Budgeting Tools for Retargeting Programs

Kwanzoo ROI and Budget Modeler (Kwanzoo)
Enter data on your unique site visitor count, email list size, campaign duration, and desired campaign types to instantly generate your media budget and estimated ROI, broken down by campaign type.
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How to Budget and Forecast a Retargeting Campaign (Adroll)
Informative article with examples of retargeting budgets, as well as tips for forecasting spend and traffic growth based on your existing campaigns.
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