Why run Personalized display programs with Kwanzoo?

  • Boost engagement: Increase engagement by up to 300% by matching ad content, copy, and offer to the prospect's job title, industry, stage in their buyer journey, and more.
  • Personalize ANY display program: From site retargeting, to email & CRM retargeting, ABM or direct buy display, easily personalize ANY display program to maximize program ROI.
  • Advanced rules engine:Personalize every ad impression with ALL data available, from first party MAP contact data, to account-level data, to DSP referrer URL data and more.
  • Go beyond just clicks: Track the accounts and contacts that engage with your personalized ads and pass reports along to sales (via Excel download, Emails, or dynamic account-level insights captured directly into your MAP or CRM).
  • Unified Dashboards: Track new accounts and contacts, nurture touches from known and anonymous users, leads (in-banner and LP form fills), site visits, and more.

  • Boost engagement by serving more relevant offers, and improving display ad quality.

  • Grow marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and accelerate the pipeline.

An 8:1 Program
ROI from Display

Quest International runs the International Oracle Applications User Groups. They serve Enterprise application software professionals globally with a broad range of content, community, events and knowledge-based solutions.

Quest used Kwanzoo in-banner form ads and smart banners across multiple targeted display programs to increase newsletter sign-ups and boost attendance at their annual user conference (COLLABORATE). Quest uses Oracle | Eloqua and Salesforce.

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Break Through The Clutter

Your prospects get bombarded with more messages every day. The only way to “cut through the noise” is by delivering targeted content to each individual buyer. Drive every interaction with each prospect, using any and all data that is available to you.

What is personalized display?

Today’s ad and website technologies are disconnected from buyer profile data in your MAP & CRM systems. Kwanzoo’s personalized display solutions uniquely integrate display advertising, website content, IP-based account ID data and MAP/CRM technologies, to bridge the Martech-Ad Tech divide and enable the delivery of highly targeted content and offers.

Personalized Ads

Go beyond Google Adwords and simple banner ads. Deliver smart banners of all sizes, including in-banner form ads that are personalized to the individual buyer. Kwanzoo's unique rules engine technology helps personalize ads based on marketing automation data, target account information (as inferred from their IP address), referrer URL data from the ad network, and more. Grow engagement, conversions and drive more pipeline.

Personalized Web Content

As prospects land on your website, serve them the right content that drives them down the funnel. Deliver smart banners of all sizes that are personalized to the individual buyer. Kwanzoo enables serving dynamic ads and content personalized based on marketing automation data, account ID data, referrer URL data and more. Our All-in-One platform is the perfect bridge between targeted display programs and your website.

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