Eliminate Double-Counting of Display Conversions with In-Banner Form Ads

For the past decade or so, businesses have been hesitant to invest (more) in display advertising. The primary reason? Marketers are often unable to connect their display media spend to subsequent conversion events on their website.

The main obstacle marketers face is their inability to connect a specific display ad with the conversion, viz: purchasing a product or service, signing up for a webinar, or downloading an ebook. The key question for them: how can this linkage be established, when they can’t control how their prospects might behave, or predict the exact time and place of a conversion action?  Continue reading

Predictive Modeling for Top-of-Funnel B2B Demand Generation

Over the past few months, we have been watching with great interest several new companies in the “predictive analytics” space. We have met with several of them at the recent Marketo Summit 2014 in San Francisco, and the SiriusDecisions Summit 2014 in Orlando.

During these summits, we spoke with the companies to see how we could generate predictive B2B target account lists and contact lists for our customers as follows:
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3 Ways to Boost Top-of-funnel Leads Using In-banner Forms

By now you have probably heard about Kwanzoo’s in-banner lead form technology, which allows you to collect leads in a form directly inside your ad unit to boost top-of-funnel leads. In-banner form ads can deliver significantly higher lead conversions versus redirecting users to landing pages using traditional banner ads.

Here at Kwanzoo, we have gathered some unique insights running retargeting and display campaigns with in-banner forms across B2B and B2C. The following are 3 quick tips for increasing top-of-funnel lead captures using in-banner form ads:

Zend In-Banner Lead Forms
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From 15 to One: Simple and Versatile Demand Marketing

Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec) has just released his new 2014 Marketing Technology Supergraphic with 947 companies, in 43 categories, across 6 major classes! We are excited for Kwanzoo to be placed in the “Display Advertising” category within the Marketing Experiences class.

As Scott himself points out, many solutions can fall in more than one category. Although he had to pick one category in which to place each company, we took a closer look, and realized that Kwanzoo in fact has capabilities spanning 15 (!) categories including Video Ads and Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, and Marketing Analytics (see picture below).

Kwanzoo Tech Infographic
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Kwanzoo Ranked in the Top 2% on Slideshare

We are super excited. Kwanzoo was just ranked in the top 2% of most-watched B2B and B2C marketing content on Slideshare for 2013! We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of high-quality, informative resources for demand marketers. Here’s a recap of our most-viewed resources:

Slideshare Top 2%

  1. Display Advertising 101

    An introductory presentation and on-demand webinar on display advertising for marketers who know how to generate leads on their website, or how to run email campaigns, but are new to display. We cover display advertising concepts, help you advocate for your needs and priorities with colleagues in corporate marketing, brand advertising, or at your media agency.

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