Kwanzoo November Release – New Features and Enhancements

All of us at Kwanzoo are excited to announce our November release, with several improvements, enhancements and new features.


Kwanzoo now provides support for removing known Eloqua contacts from your site, email or CRM retargeting pool. Our campaigns will now fire a retargeting conversion pixel that identifies known Eloqua contacts and removes them as soon as they are served ads. This enables more efficient media buying, which can now be limited to net-new prospects (who are not already in Eloqua). Kwanzoo Site Retargeting settings Kwanzoo advanced settings for Eloqua retargeting pixel Continue reading

3 Display Programs You Need In 2015

As the end of year approaches, many B2B and considered-purchase B2C demand marketers are planning where to allocate their program dollars in 2015. Display campaigns, especially with retargeting, now offer a great way to drive both “net new” top-of-funnel leads, and accelerate the existing pipeline with nurture through display. What’s holding things up? Here at Kwanzoo, we have helped more than a few marketers get past these common pitfalls of traditional display campaigns:

  1. High cost per lead – Typical banner-based display ads tend to not deliver on CPL goals. Kwanzoo’s in-banner form ads convert 30% or more better against the same audience.
  2. Inefficient targeting – Not utilizing data, poor media buying, irregular campaign monitoring, incomplete filters, creative issues can all cause low engagement rates. We take all of this very seriously, so our customers can count on us.
  3. Lack of transparency – marketers often lack insight into how their display campaigns are really being run or targeted. We’ve made it our mission to not just deliver results, but educate our customers every step of the way. Our detailed Budget and ROI modelers break it all down for you. And our campaign reporting directly inside the platform helps you stay on top of both your spend and ROI.

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Kwanzoo Exhibits at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 [and the 50 PowerBank Giveaway]

Kwanzoo is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld conference, to be held on September 28 to October 2, 2014 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. This conference brings together over 60,000 business and technology professionals from around the world to discuss best practices, latest technologies, and innovations in marketing across the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Continue reading

LinkedIn Buys Bizo: What Does It Mean for B2B Marketing?

We all heard some exciting news this week from our friends at Bizo. After a 6 year journey, they were acquired for $175M by LinkedIn. As fellow travelers serving a growing audience of B2B marketers, we have gotten to know the Bizo folks well.

Both Bizo and Kwanzoo were early participants in the Oracle Appcloud. We have both been innovating where display meets marketing automation. We talk often at industry conferences. We serve mutual B2B customers, with display campaigns on the Bizo network powered by Kwanzoo rich media ads, as well as by Kwanzoo’s use of Bizo data through real-time-bidding (RTB) platforms for our clients.

We think the Bizo acquisition by LinkedIn will impact the overall B2B advertising market in several  interesting ways. While LinkedIn clearly has some strategic goals, we see some tactical disruption in the market that B2B marketers will want to know about. First a quick deal recap.

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Eliminate Double-Counting of Display Conversions with In-Banner Form Ads

For the past decade or so, businesses have been hesitant to invest (more) in display advertising. The primary reason? Marketers are often unable to connect their display media spend to subsequent conversion events on their website.

The main obstacle marketers face is their inability to connect a specific display ad with the conversion, viz: purchasing a product or service, signing up for a webinar, or downloading an ebook. The key question for them: how can this linkage be established, when they can’t control how their prospects might behave, or predict the exact time and place of a conversion action?  Continue reading